palo verde blossoms

June 13, 2019 | 0 Comments

In the springtime, the palo verde tree blossoms in the desert around Tucson create an explosion of bright yellow, suffusing the landscape with an exciting intensity. It is a very special time as the desert is deeply enhanced by all this color... and that of the cactus flowers as well. We were imagining black and white attire amongst the backdrop of bumblebee yellow and we were thinking this at a time when our friend and photographer Krysta Jabczenski was in town. She was also wanting to photograph the palo verdes and the desert in springtime, so we set out together to spend a moment capturing these beauties. Our friend Heather Walker came along to wear the clothes from the shop for us :) We are excited to share more of these photos with you in the next few days <3 

In this photo, Heather is standing next to a beautiful saguaro cactus, wearing a white apron from Fog Linen, a gathered linen dress from Pip Squeak Chapeau, black socks from Bonne Maison and black patent jazz shoes from Repetto. She holds above her head a large antique basket. All these pieces are available at the shop.

If you would like to see more of Krysta's work- you can go to her website here , and her instagram here . Krysta works on all sorts of inspiring projects including documentation of Georgia O'Keeffe's residence and work for the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. She also has a collaborative space in Santa Fe where she and her family host art exhibitions, pop up shops, etc. Another fantastic space she has is the best air b n b in Tucson- and right next to our shop in the historic barrio neighborhood. Krysta is also always working with different collaborators, makers, etc. photographing their work in inspiring ways. You can see links to these different spaces and projects on her instagram profile :) 


June 12, 2019 | 0 Comments

Our red and white collection for summer includes our Peter Pan shirt, our tie back skirt, a neckerchief and a large stole <3 All in red and white gingham to be worn together or separately.


June 11, 2019 | 0 Comments

Please excuse our little absence from our blog. We had our wonderful event with Astier de Villatte- thank you all so much for coming, for your orders and all your enthusiasm. It is a special book indeed and we were so happy to have Benoît and Ivan come to Tucson to sign them and meet so many of you! Right after the event, I shipped out all the preorders and hopped on a plane for my family summer trip and am just getting settled. My mom is running the shop for a while and I am working from France :) I brought my copy of Ma Vie A Paris to discover some places I haven't been to before. It's been fun to try out some of Ivan and Benoît's favorite places :) The first day we were here, we were on a bus headed to Le Marais and we passed by the fantastic neon sign for the detective that's recommended in the book. I had never noticed that before and was delighted to see DETECTIVE in green neon lights hanging from a beautiful old building. I have had further stories about this detective- quite intriguing! 

Orders are being shipped with their regular time schedule at the shop. We've added a few new pieces online... and we're showing a few pieces above that are at the shop, but not online. There are the wonderful floral overalls from Pip Squeak Chapeau. We show them in the first photo with a favorite sleeveless shirt from Apunto b. This shirt is also shown in the second picture. It is very lightweight and has gathering all along the front and back neckline. It is so easy and comfortable to wear. This shirt is not online, but available at the shop :) Also shown is a fantastic pleated wrap skirt by Apunto b. If you've ever had a skirt by Apunto b., you know how beautifully they fit. This one is no exception- it is very flattering on. We show it with a navy blue cotton cashmere cardigan and brown patent repettos with a high rise. In the last two photos, we show a fantastic shirt from Pip Squeak Chapeau. This has gathering along the neck and silver piping lining the collar and going down one side of the front. This has a nice oversized fit and is made of a beautiful Japanese cotton. 

Our hours at the shop stay the same for Summer-  9 to 5 Monday through Saturday, 10 to 3 on Sunday. If you have any questions about anything you see but that is not available directly online, feel free to call our shop or send us an email - 520-795-2272,




June 01, 2019 | 0 Comments

Tonight is the night! <3 We are so looking forward to having Benoît and Ivan of Astier de Villatte at the shop with us this evening, sharing their book Ma Vie A Paris with us <3 We hope to see you there! 


May 31, 2019 | 0 Comments

Our friends from North Sea Air just sent us their beautiful new short film coinciding with the release of Ma Vie A Paris by Astier de Villatte, and we are so happy to be able to share it here with you. We have shared a different video from them that is absolutely delightful, and this is no different. This features Benoît and Ivan, founders of Astier de Villatte on a tour around their city... it goes along with their new edition to Ma Vie a Paris (which we have been posting about and will be celebrating on Saturday)... it's like your most cherished, stylish, quirky friends sharing their favorite places with you. It's not a tour guide... it's a key that unlocks the magic.  We think it is so wonderful that they are sharing all of this with all of us. Many would see this coveted information as worthy of secret keeping. But lucky us! We all have access to the places they would visit for all sorts of reasons- whether it's to take a life drawing class, go to a dentist ... or find the most special chocolatier or boutique. 

You can see more on the Astier de Villatte website- here and on their instagram here 

And you can see more wonderful films by North Sea Air on their website- here and on their instagram here