Bon Pleated Pants

$ 395.00


These pants are high-waisted with pleats, a hidden snap closure, front and back pockets, and cuffs at the ankle. They have the feel of men's wear, but they have a cut that look amazing on women. There are certain details that were very important for us in designing these- for instance the 11" zipper closure. These are truly high waisted with a zipper that runs the whole length of the front- from the waist to the inseam. They look great either fitted, or worn a bit loose with some room. The shape is forgiving and comfortable... and they are stunning on. The fabric we made them in for this season is an incredible navy blue seersucker - 100% japanese cotton. They are lightweight and so easy to wear. We love them with the Repetto jazz shoes. 

These should be hand washed or dry cleaned. They should not be ironed as they will loose their texture. 

Made in USA, by Bon