Day Bed Cushion - Blue and Cream Ticking Stripes

$ 355.00


A day bed cushion measuring 36" by 75". Blue and cream ticking stripes. The last two photos are to see the style open- the pattern is different.

100% cotton outer, 100% kapok stuffing. Designed in France, handmade in West Africa by Tensira

These are produced entirely in West Africa from the dying of the cotton fibers, the sewing, assembly, to the sourcing of the kapok stuffing. One of the owners of the company is from West Africa and started this endeavor as a way to support the community from where he is from. They are beautiful cushions- not overstuffed, but comfortable and understated. They have a European feel as well- his partner and wife is from Finland, so the styles of the two combined create such a lovely look and feel.