Épice Checkered Square Scarf

$ 108.00


A large square scarf made of a beautiful black and natural checked wool. Epice scarves all have a lovely, soft feel with a light weave, making them easy to wear many different ways. This can easily be wrapped twice around your neck with a little front tie for extra warmth. We love wearing our Epice square scarves this way. It also looks great wrapped once with a tie at the front or back. 

26" by 26", 100% wool, by Epice.

Épice was created by Danish designers Bess Nielsen and Jan Machenhauer. They combine creativity, precious materials and traditional craft techniques to make their beautiful range of scarves. We have carried Epice in our shop for a very long time -we are so taken with the quality of their natural fibers and the different patterns and colors they come up with each season.