Levi's Vintage Collection- 1947 501's

$ 260.00


1947 was the year Levi's was able to bring back classic features on their jeans styles that were not used during WW11~ one thing being the stitching on the back pockets, as during the war this was painted on to save on raw materials. Levi's Vintage Collection remakes most of the styles since the year 1890 when the 501 was first patented- to the pattern, using the same exact detailing and denim from Cone Mills of North Carolina. We live in them and are so thankful they are being made. 

The 1947 is a classic fit, with a straight leg, button fly, rigid denim, mid rise, big E tab and of course, they are made in the USA! 

Care instruction are included with your jeans- if you plan to wash them in water, order two sizes up from your normal size. If you plan to dry-clean, order your true size.  Feel free to contact us with any sizing questions. 520-795-2272