Moismont Cotton Bandana Scarves - 3 Color Options

$ 56.00


Wonderful cotton bandanas in beautiful Fall colors. We are big fans of small scarves and were very happy to see these coming from Moismont this season. These wrap once with a small tie. These also make great gifts! 

24" square, 100% cotton

Designed in France, made in India by Moismont

Moismont combines beautiful aspects of two worlds - France and India. France is where the designer is based, where all the values of authenticity and deep roots nurture the process of creating pieces with a feeling of warmth and comfort. This foundation, combined with the beauty, artisan know-how and infinite materials of India create a collection of beautiful quality and substance. We love Moismont's sensibility, the way pieces tend to have a bit of nostalgia while feeling fresh and new at the same time.