Naïm Amor Paper Doll - Fisherman

$ 385.00


Wonderful characters or paper dolls in pen and watercolor on recycled pizza box cardboard by Naïm Amor. They are framed in a white wooden frame. These would be so fun in a children's room, or anywhere for that matter. Naïm is known as a musician, but his art carries over into the realm of illustration and painting. He is family - for years he has been making all of us the most wonderful wrapping paper for our birthday and Christmas gifts - by painting on recycled paper bags. During the pandemic, he was working on his music projects, but without his regular, daily work, he had the time to start this new project, creating these fun figures. Each piece works well on it's own, and it's also fun to put a few together. These are all one of a kind, original artwork.

This character is a fisherman - there are 7 other characters to choose from, as shown in the bottom photos. These are listed separately.

 15" tall by 8" wide, 

Gabriel Naïm Amor is a French born, Parisian musician who moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1997. He grew up in a house of artists and a passion for music was sparked through weekly viewings of spaghetti westerns and French new wave films. He has worked on many music projects over the years and continues to do so today. Illustration work is something that has always been a personal endeavor, and has now developed into works to share with others.