Pip Squeak Chapeau Cotton Jacket

$ 217.50 $ 435.00


A perfect layering piece for the warmer months - this is made of a navy blue cotton with a collar that can be worn up or folded down, a three button closure at the front and front pockets. 

100% cotton, made in USA by Pip Squeak Chapeau 

Pip Squeak Chapeau makes pieces that truly stand the test of time. We were first attracted to the designer Sveta's collection years ago when she was starting out- and one of the pieces that stood out to us was an incredible pair of bloomers! Since then, she has continued to make pieces that last forever in style and durability. We have conversations often with clients who have worn their Pip Squeak pieces for years and have thrown them in the washer many times. Their pieces still look brand new! We love that.