Selvedge - Issues 95 through 103

$ 28.95


We love Selvedge for its commitment to stories of substance, centered around a love of textiles and the universal connection fibre plays in the compass of humanity. There are always new artists to discover, or centuries old traditional ways of making that the magazine brings anew to the reader. For us, a good journal like Selvedge has a similar excitement to that of walking into a really great store. The inspiration it brings takes you somewhere else. This is why in this time of continued isolation, we are offering Selvedge in our online shop.

Issue 95 includes a story on Khadi cotton in Oaxaca, an incredible group of Mayan women making the most exquisite rugs, Inès Bressand's beautiful baskets.. and so much more. 

Issue 96 explores Nordic design and the respect for nature which comes with it. The five nordic countries are highlighted by different designers. 

Always a favorite, we are so happy to offer Selvedge here for you. We are always interested in substance over image, and that is exactly what Selvedge brings :) Open it up and you will be inspired <3