$ 25.00


We celebrate books at our shop, from the classics to more obscure titles. Books are inspiring and for that reason, we believe they make the most wonderful gifts. This lovely book, Voyagers, is a compilation of black and white photos of people reading books ... an activity that some have predicted would disappear. We believe differently, and find it a joy to look at photos of people looking at books! It starts off with a short introduction- "Who you are, reader, your age, your status, profession, income: that would be indiscreet to ask. It's your business You're on your own. What counts is the state of your spirit now, in the privacy of your home, as you try to re-establish perfect calm in order to sink again into the book; and there, the novel to be read is superimposed by the possible novel to be lived..." it goes on. This book is a true delight!

Soft cover, by Melissa Catanese