Red Repettos!

August 17, 2019 | 0 Comments

We have returned from a most inspiring buying trip and upon our arrival at the shop was a mountain of boxes to unpack. It has been a fun couple of days! One of our most favorite things are the red Repettos. We always get excited when Repetto decides to make a red for a season... and this red is hands down the best they've done. It is a classic cherry red in the softest goatskin. They are absolutely stunning. They look great with denim, paired with red socks (or any color for that matter!), with vintage pieces, with new... we see wearing these with everything! We could make a Forrest Gump list of all the ways we would love to wear them <3  


August 06, 2019 | 0 Comments

We are in the midst of putting some special new pieces in our online shop :) We've included our new Bon pieces in plaid and large check as well as some wonderful pieces from A Détacher. Fall is soon to be coming and we are thinking of plaids and checks in weights that can be worn now and layered in the colder months. 


August 01, 2019 | 0 Comments

The most wonderful dress just arrived from A Détacher! The designer made one of their iconic dresses in black cotton for us as part of their final collection. This dress looks so beautiful on with its puff sleeves and comfortably fitted bodice. It is such an easy piece to wear and it looks great dressed up or down. We love it with Repetto zizi's <3 This dress is just stunning- it could be worn a million different ways! 


July 24, 2019 | 0 Comments

Thank you to all who came (or called, messaged or visited online) to our sale this past weekend. What a fun time we had hearing from and seeing everyone. We are so lucky for you! Now we look into the next few months and we are so excited for what's to come. The shift in seasons is always a favorite time- as we start to feel inspired by new weather on the horizon and how we imagine spending our time with a different ambience in the air. We plan for our shop changes months in advance, but it is always so fun to fully realize a new season. We have Fall on the horizon- and this is a fun time- as we love the idea of being home, using the oven (completely impossible right now in the heat of the summer desert)... wearing beautiful sweaters and layering all the cashmere, wool and cozy things that come along with the cooler weather. Anticipation is high right now as we are still in the thick of 100 degrees. It will be here soon and we are starting to make changes in the shop. Most excitingly, we are in the midst of starting to receive new fall shipments. One of our favorite pieces is the A Détacher sweater shown above. We love the slight puff sleeve and the incredible puff ball texture. It looks great on- very flattering, and also super comfortable. We imagine wearing it with Levi 501's from Levi's vintage collection and a pair of black Repettos. We have more of the styles shown above arriving next week. 

We have mentioned this before, but A Détacher is presenting it's final collection- this Fall is the last. What a true inspiration Mona Kowalska has been for both my mom and I - she has always beat to her own drum and has shared her wonderful ideas throughout the years in great interviews (4 day work week!- with days off for 1.- rest and relaxation, 2.- intellectual stimulation, 3.- domestic chores and taking care of all the details). We will miss her individuality on the runway, but we know she is not limited to that- we are excited to see what she will do next :) 

SALE! Starts today :)

July 19, 2019 | 0 Comments

Our SALE eXtRAvagAnZa starts today! Everything in the shop is on sale for 2 days only! We are at the shop - if you have any inquiries about anything you've seen. feel free to call us - 520-795-2272. It's a great time to do some early gift shopping or to get something you've been hoping for, as it is all on sale today and tomorrow :)

The code for 20% off your entire purchase online is FUNSUMERSALE. Enjoy, and let us know if we can help with any question  <3 Thank you <3