October 21, 2018 | 0 Comments

Molly, wearing the Apunto b. cashmere and yak sweater and wool skirt, Ichi antiquities striped wool and cotton tee, and the cutest hat found in France last summer <3 

The fit of the pieces from Aputno b. are just beautiful. This skirt has wide pleats, and an elastic waist. The skirt has a long length, hitting at mid-calf... it falls so nicely and is very flattering. The black cotton skirt by Apunto b. has the same cut. Exquisite. Trying on, feeling and seeing the craftsmanship in these pieces is a moving experience. The exacting attention to detail is what gives these garments the beautiful air of elegance and the essence of timelessness. They are forever pieces. 

little treasures

October 18, 2018 | 0 Comments

More on our paper goods and special little things. We wish we could just take you on a tour of our shop because there are so many treasures at the moment. We are trying to keep our blog updated with all the new that arrives :) It is such a fun time of year in our paper section- shown above are the sweetest calendars from Japan, a beautiful angel card from Minnieolga, notebooks from Astier de Villatte, 4 color pens (these are so fun!) , boxes of Peace cards by Austin Press, number stamp sets from Japan... and there is so much more. We will try to keep adding here as time permits <3 We are receiving all our holiday goodies right now as well. I have a box of beautiful advent calendars sitting right next to me-  time to unpack! <3

cards and things

October 16, 2018 | 0 Comments

Our card selection is hugely important to us and our shop- we love the thought of sending and receiving a beautiful card in the mail- it can really brighten the day <3  We have some incredible cards right now and we thought to share some you. Frida is an artist based in London- we love her illustrations of women in dresses, many with historical references. The third picture shows her envelopes- they are so sweet! The last picture shows a variety of cards we have in at the moment. There are some beautiful cards by Minnieolga, Austin Press, etc. Holiday cards have even started to roll in... (can you spot Santa?) .... there are so many good ones this year. We couldn't resist all the special ones we found <3 


October 15, 2018 | 0 Comments

Molly wears the incredible cashmere and yak sweater, our bon gathered skirt and a striped tee by Ichi Antiquités. We wanted to send a giant thank you to Molly for modeling for us- she is a beauty inside and out! <3

new to our online shop <3

October 15, 2018 | 0 Comments

We are happy to share new beautiful things with you! Our online shop has been updated with our favorite things for Fall. Between the sweaters, the beautiful throws, the silk shirts... etc. - the pieces we have available are the most exquisite in texture and feel and the most stunning in style. We are so moved by the beautiful things that are being made and feel so lucky to be a part of bringing them to you. Cheers to Fall and cooler weather!

Going into the holiday season, we wish for time to be cherished and for us all to feel warm, loved and connected. We love our community and always feel grateful to be able to continue what we do every day <3 Thank you for all your continued support. We have put together some very special things we will be sharing with you for the holidays - we love this time of year and love that we get to be in it with you <3