pleated pants!

June 20, 2018 | 0 Comments

Our pleated pants have arrived and have just been added to our online shop. These have a great fit and the fabric is incredible. There are more details under their listing in the shop :) 


June 11, 2018 | 0 Comments

Back at the shop : an incredible plaid dress by Makié and Eliurpi hats... more of which are on their way <3 


June 09, 2018 | 0 Comments

Spending some time in France with family and friends... a renewed awe comes every year of the incredible people, interiors, design, nature... the list goes on .... that we always find here. It is a special place <3 

Back at the shop, there have been some adventures- one of them being a squirrel having a batch of babies IN THE SHOP! My mom came in a few days ago, found all the tumbleweeds fallen from a high shelf... and then she discovered it was a squirrel who knocked them down and had also just given birth!! She is nursing the babies to try and keep them alive. She is good at those things, so I am sure it will be successful. Schwew! Poor squirrel! Poor mom! What's amazing is that this squirrel had been hiding under a hutch in the shop- for how long, we don't know! A very bizarre thing. 

Aside from mysterious happenings like this, we are shipping as usual from the shop- thank you as always for your orders <3 Our pleated pants should be arriving soon, as well as our peter pan coat- both in the most incredible textured cotton- close to a seersucker, but a bit more lofty with a unique, crisp texture. It's very lightweight and so comfortable- 100% japanese cotton <3 I will post here when these pieces arrive at the shop.


May 28, 2018 | 0 Comments

We are thrilled to announce that our ruffle collar dresses have arrived! This dress features gathering around the neck and collar- the collar can be worn up or down. It has a tie closure in the back, pockets and a length that hits at upper to mid-calf. These have just been added to our online shop- along with the skirts we mentioned in the last post  :) I wore our first sample of the dress in the blue and white version last summer, and I will say it was the most comfortable, most cool, breezy dress. It is what I wanted to put on every day in the heat. 


Bon gathered skirts are here!

May 23, 2018 | 0 Comments

A day of jumping for joy! For these Bon gathered skirts have finally arrived!! The impetus for the design of this skirt was a huge love for gathered skirts, but not being able to find the waistband we also love. So! We set out to make what in our minds would be the perfect fit with details we were really wanting to see. This skirt has gathering all around with a flat waistband in the front and a drawstring in the back. The drawstring only adds a bit more gather- it is for fit- allowing you to cinch it where you want. The result is a flattering flat waistband in the front, with room to adjust along the back :) It has button loops and off white fish eye buttons down the top of the back below the tie. And of course it has pockets!! It comes in two lengths in white and black- either 27" or  29". The 27" version has an 8" hem and the 29" version has a 5" hem. It is also available as the short version in navy and white gingham. Each color matches the same fabric as our Bon raglan shirts- as we had in mind these pieces together while designing :) Available in s/m and m/l. These are now in our shop and will be available directly online next week. I can see wearing this all summer long- the cotton is just beautiful and lightweight- perfect for the hot months. <3 

the back of the skirts is shown in the pictures above... the front is as described :)