September 29, 2020 | 0 Comments

We are in love with these new throws made of handspun and handwoven wool. The colors are incredible - varying from cream to dark brown. These have a cozy, felted feel that comes from a light washing. They are a wonderful layer of warmth - they can be worn as a shawl or used as a throw. They really feel like Fall to us! 

We hope you are all enjoying the new season so far! We have been knee deep in unpacking holiday orders - we had these orders shipped extra early to us because of production and shipping issues that might have occurred otherwise. We are preparing for you - and we are so excited about all the fun decorations we will have to share (November :))! We have also been in the midst of ordering for Spring. This is a specific challenge not having the dedicated time we normally have on a buying trip for this sole purpose. But we adapt, and we are also thrilled with what we have planned for this season so far :) What a wild ride we all have been on, but within it all, we try to keep our nose to the ground and continue to do the work we love so much. We want to thank you all again for all your support throughout everything. Our gratitude for being able to continue what we do is bigger than can be expressed through words. The thread that runs through small and slow production and business is a special one - along it are the most beautiful minds and hands creating special pieces, then passing through and to those who truly love it. The imagination that creates our tangible world is so important <3 

Apuntob Jacquard Dress

September 25, 2020 | 0 Comments

Skylar wears the beautiful Apuntob jacquard dress in ecru. We love this fabric, it is so stunning. This dress has a cotton lining for shape in the skirt, a delicate collar and side seam pockets. It's a piece that can be worn for special occasions, or dressed down for daily wear. Apuntob always uses the most special fabrics - our breath is always taken away when we unpack something new from them - just as we did when we first saw the pieces while ordering. This dress is in our wardrobe section online. We show it here with the Repetto jazz shoes in black patent and the Apuntob wool and alpaca sweater that is another favorite piece.


September 25, 2020 | 0 Comments

The Gallego Desportes button down shirt in gold is such a tricky color to capture because of the way the incredible twill fabric reflects the light. We had our friend Skylar try it on to see if it would show better on camera with someone wearing it. Sure enough, the color came out just right. It is described as "gold" but it is perhaps closer to an ochre. We think this color looks so beautiful with antique Native American turquoise jewelry... and we also love it with the Moismont butterscotch floral scarf Skylar is wearing it with above. The shirt has the most beautiful gathering along the back - we love this detail :)


Floral Scarves

September 22, 2020 | 0 Comments

Happy first day of Fall! It is a day we really welcome here and we always celebrate with a Fall dinner. We hope you are enjoying the change in season! At the shop today we received the beautiful cotton floral scarves above from Mois Mont. We were so excited to unpack them - the color combinations are wonderful and the small floral print is so sweet. They are a great layering piece for the Fall into the Winter. Their size is a big 41" square which makes them very versatile and easy to wear many different ways. We show them above wrapped around twice with a tie at the front. We love the idea of wearing one with the Apuntob alpaca/wool cardigan - this is a wonderful combination. We have just put them into our online shop - wardrobe section. You can see more there :)

We continue to be open 12 to 4 Wednesday through Saturday. We will keep you updated with any additional hours in the future. You can also still make a private appointment by clicking "Book Now" in the footer of our website. We have reserved 11 to 12 Wednesday through Saturday for appointments :) It is wonderful to see everyone!